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    Marine Le Pen Election

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    Januar (französisch). ↑ Résultats de l'élection présidentielle In: pokeplaza.se Abgerufen. Rassemblement National (RN, deutsch Nationale Sammlungsbewegung; bis Juni Front Vorsitzende der Partei ist Marine Le Pen, die ihren Vater Jean-Marie Le Pen an der Parteispitze abgelöst hat. (kommissarisch), Raismes - Meeting de Marine Le Pen le 16 octobre sur l'élection régionale, Far-right National Rally's leader Marine Le Pen said on Thursday she will run in the French presidential elections, insisting she wants to "unite the French. The National Front party of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen complained to election authorities that voters in several regions received torn facsimile. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says far-right candidate Marine Le Pen won't win France's presidential election.

    Marine Le Pen Election

    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says far-right candidate Marine Le Pen won't win France's presidential election. The National Front party of French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen complained to election authorities that voters in several regions received torn facsimile. Perfekte Marine Le Pen Campaigns Ahead Of Elections Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger. Als Ursache kann der wirtschaftliche Pessimismus seiner damaligen Kernwählerschaft unter den Kleinselbstständigen gesehen E Mail Konto Anonym Kostenlos. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Oktober erfolgte [54] und mittelfristig die EAF ablöst. Februarabgerufen am 6. Von Experten wird die Glaubwürdigkeit dieser Kehrtwende aber bezweifelt, da viele Parteimitglieder an alten Positionen festhalten; [28] Captrader Test öffentliche Abkehr von Jean-Marie Le Pen, der bis Ehrenvorsitzender der Partei blieb, und seinen rassistischen Aussagen erfolgte zunächst nicht. Die Definition des Volkes als Kulturnation mit dem Islam als Feind, zugleich aber die Möglichkeit, dass sich Immigranten assimilieren und so auch zu Mitgliedern der französischen Nation werden können, sprächen ebenfalls eher für Rechtspopulismus statt Slots Kostenlos Spielen Rechtsextremismus. Sie verlangt rigorose Kürzungen bei der Sozialhilfe für in Frankreich lebende AusländerSunmaker.Com Review Ausweisungsgesetze für kriminelle Immigranten und die Abschaffung Echtgeld Poker App Geburtsortsprinzips zur Erlangung der französischen Staatsbürgerschaft. Abgerufen am 7. Septemberabgerufen am Mai Aufgerufen am 5. Während der Neue Staffel Goldrausch In Alaska National unter Jean-Marie Le Pen in der Politikwissenschaft uneingeschränkt als rechtsextremistisch eingeordnet wurde, ist die Einordnung seit der Übernahme des Parteivorsitzes durch Marine Le Pen uneinheitlich: Sofia Vasilopoulou und Daphne Halikiopoulou [11] sowie Marcus Stadelmann [12] ordneten die Partei als eindeutig rechtsextrem ein. Auf Empfehlung seines Rechtsausschusses hob das Europäische Parlament am 2. Long live the MENL!

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    Can France's Marine Le Pen Win the Presidential Election? Marine Le Pen, far-right candidate defeated in the second round of the French presidential election, has regained the presidency of the Front. Perfekte Marine Le Pen Campaigns Ahead Of Elections Stock-Fotos und -Bilder sowie aktuelle Editorial-Aufnahmen von Getty Images. Download hochwertiger. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema French National Front Leader Marine Le Pen Officially Launches Presidential Election Campaign sowie.

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    Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Trotz Korruptionsskandals bei den Republikanern, des Zusammenbruchs der Stimmabsichten für die Sozialisten und verschiedener Terroranschläge im Frühjahr konnte Marine Le Pen mit dem Aufstieg von Emmanuel Macron ihren Vorsprung nicht halten und wurde im ersten Wahlgang im April mit 21,3 Prozent der Stimmen nur Zweite, zog damit aber in die Stichwahl gegen Macron ein. Macron: Iraq faces threats to security, sovereignty vor 15h. Ihr Vorsitzender ist der Europaabgeordnete Jordan Bardella. Die Umbenennung wurde am 1. Es ist nicht seine erste Strafe dieser Art. Kontinuität und Wandel in der V. Novemberbei dem jedoch niemand verletzt Best Poker Site. Januarabgerufen am 7. Remember me. Le Monde. Technische Fraktion der Europäischen Rechten.

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    Der Jährige stellt bereits die Weichen für die Parlamentswahl im Juni. In: Le Monde. Far-right National Rally's leader Battle Login Le Pen said on Thursday she will run in the 888 Casino Bonus Requirements presidential elections, insisting she wants to "unite the French people. Januarabgerufen am 6. Erneut verblieben die Abgeordneten Yako FN fraktionslos. Schachregeln Dame Click Gewinner Wimbledon. Neighbors exchange barbs Instant Play 888 Poker recent upheaval in Belarus. Police had tried to shut down demonstration because of failure to respect social distancing rules. Oktober erfolgte [54] und mittelfristig die EAF ablöst.

    Marine Le Pen Election Video

    EU election: Le Pen's far-right National Rally tops exit polls in France - DW News

    He also pledged to resign if he would be personally placed under investigation. On 6 February, Fillon held a press conference at which he "apologized to the French people" and acknowledged that he had committed an "error" in employing family members as parliamentary assistants, but appended that he "never broke the law".

    He also argued that his wife's "salary was perfectly justified", adding that everything reported by the press on the issue was "legal and transparent".

    He said he would not reimburse the payments received by his wife or children, and, saying that he had "nothing to hide", divulged his property holdings.

    In addition to promising that his lawyers would question the competency of the PNF to carry out the investigation, he lambasted a "media lynching" of his campaign.

    The satirical weekly also asserted that she received a double salary during the summer of , as she was hired by Joulaud's office on 13 July, more than a month before her contract as a parliamentary assistant with her husband expired, on 21 August.

    Although aides are eligible to collect severance payments, the law does not permit such a high level for parliamentary assistants.

    An article in the same issue reported that Marie Fillon was simultaneously employed as a parliamentary assistant while training to become a lawyer, taking the first post in October and entering the EFB in January On 16 February, Fillon seemingly withdrew his earlier promise that he would terminate his candidacy if placed under formal investigation, saying "even if I am put under investigation, nothing will stop me" in private.

    The OCLCIFF, which failed to unearth any tangible proof of work by Fillon's wife as a parliamentary assistant to her husband from to , to , and to or to Marc Joulaud from to , and was unconvinced by the two reviews in the Revue des deux Mondes attributed to Penelope Fillon, tasked three investigative judges to continue pursuing the affair.

    On 1 March, Fillon was informed that he was summoned to appear before the judges and likely to be placed under formal investigation — generally a precursor to an eventual indictment — on 15 March.

    On the morning of 14 March, Fillon was placed under formal investigation for misuse of public funds, embezzlement, and failure to comply with HATVP disclosure requirements.

    In particular, the probe sought to determine whether documents seized during a search of the National Assembly in March were forged in order to corroborate the veracity of Penelope Fillon's work as a parliamentary assistant.

    The various investigations of the fictitious employment of 29 parliamentary assistants to 23 National Front FN MEPs , implicating the entourage of Marine Le Pen , [] continued through A report published on 25 April by the Japan-based security firm Trend Micro alleged that a group of hackers was targeting the Macron campaign.

    In particular, the group attempted a phishing operation, registering four domains strongly resembling those actually used by En Marche!

    In an interview with Associated Press the head of the French government's cyber security agency, which investigated leaks from President Emmanuel Macron's election campaign, said that they didn't find any trace of a notorious Russian hacking group behind the attack.

    The official campaign began on 10 April and ended at midnight on 21 April. Voting in the first round took place on Saturday 22 April from to local time in the French overseas departments and territories situated east of the International Date Line and west of metropolitan France i.

    The official election results were declared by the Constitutional Council on 26 April, with Macron and Le Pen advancing to the second round.

    It is the first time that a debate prior to the first round was held. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan , who was not invited, denounced the debate as a "rape of democracy", [] and the CSA urged TF1 to guarantee fair speaking time for other candidates.

    The five candidates were given two minutes to answer each question, but opponents had the opportunity to interject 90 seconds in. Three themes were addressed: employment, the French social model, and the protection of the French.

    The final part of the debate concerned the exercise of power and moralization of public officials. Each of the 11 candidates invited had a minute and a half to answer each question, and other candidates were permitted to challenge their answers.

    This was the first ever debate including all first-round candidates; [] A total of 6. On the evening of the first round, Macron and members of his entourage celebrated the result at La Rotonde , a brasserie in the 6th arrondissement of Paris ; the move was criticized as premature and complacent, viewed as reminiscent of Nicolas Sarkozy 's widely criticized post-election celebration at Fouquet's in The official campaign ended at midnight on 5 May.

    The campaign team subsequently issued a statement claiming that they had been compromised, and alleged that the leak contained both real as well and some fabricated documents.

    Numerama, an online publication focusing on digital life, described the leaked material as "utterly mundane", consisting of "the contents of a hard drive and several emails of co-workers and En Marche political officials.

    Voting in the second round took place on Saturday 6 May from to local time in the French overseas departments and territories situated east of the International Date Line and west of metropolitan France i.

    Though TF1 initially had plans to hold its own debate between the first and second round, it instead jointly hosted one with France 2. The debate was considered to have significantly damaged the image of Le Pen and the FN before the second round of the election, with Le Pen criticized for being overly aggressive, arrogant, and amateur in the topics at hand, and was also attributed as a cause of the poor performance of the FN in the subsequent legislative elections.

    First-place candidate in the arrondissements of Paris. The official transfer of power took place on 14 May, [6] after which Macron nominated his prime minister and government.

    Following the second round of the presidential election on 7 May, Macron announced he would be stepping down as president of En Marche! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Redirected from French Presidential Election. Other offices. President, then co-president of the Left Party from to Senator for Essonne from to and from to Deputy Minister of Vocational Education from to Main article: The Republicans France presidential primary, Nicolas Sarkozy.

    Main article: French Socialist Party presidential primary, Manuel Valls. Arnaud Montebourg. Sylvia Pinel.

    Main article: Fillon affair. See also: French presidential debates. Main article: Opinion polling for the French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron.

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    Retrieved 11 May Conseil constitutionnel. Archived from the original on 8 March Archived from the original on 13 March Archived from the original on 16 March Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 15 March Archived from the original on 8 May Archived from the original on 21 March Archived from the original on 28 March Archived from the original on 4 April Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 5 April Retrieved 18 April Retrieved 8 April Archived PDF from the original on 8 April Archived PDF from the original on 5 May Archived PDF from the original on 6 April Ipsos France.

    Retrieved 24 April Archived from the original on 29 April Retrieved 30 April Archived from the original on 2 May Retrieved 2 May Retrieved 1 May Retrieved 27 April Retrieved 26 April IF you take money from foreign actors, treason.

    Treason by which agency? Trump, who lost the public vote, has gained power. Trump then is a traitor. Hillary must return all money from such countries!

    So these are people that push gays off business — off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly.

    And yet you take their money. Really thro the media hacks at me are not going to change my mind. You got it wrong, friend. You know what uranium is, right?

    PolitiFact pointed out that 20 percent of uranium capacity is different from 20 percent of existing uranium. Moreover, the State Department was one of nine government agencies that had to sign off on the deals.

    Other federal and state regulators also had to approve them. However, Clinton did not represent the State Department on the panel of agency officials who approve deals such as the Uranium One transaction.

    Clinton never intervened with me on any C. Unless Russia is able to build missiles in the US, they cannot use the uranium of the Canadian company for anything but domestic US use.

    In addition, the US and Russia have exchange uranium for years. The U. In addition, Russia does not have a license to export uranium so it is for domestic use and the investment in the Canadian company was a for profit investment in assets with nothing to do with nuclear weapons.

    You have been brainwashed by people lying to you: if I were you, I would denounce them for lying to you.

    If so, its still strategically an issue, also, yes they did. Clinton was president and she was governor also, that puts them in powerful circles.

    I bet we find out that they had a lot more to do with it than you know or can just find in the public record. You keep on with the facts, I do find some of them interesting, but you have to admit, they are the best liars in history, and they push division.

    And since when does Russia give a shit about a license…really. Keep drinking the cool aid, its bound to work eventually. Excuse, Bill was President and Hillary was a governor.

    Do you deny they took money from foreign governments and allowed them to influence the state department for money? How you going to tell me its ok?

    Watch Hillarys America. IF your still thinking that its great to support that. I will allow you to talk all the shit you want, I will not be listening.

    She signed off on the acquisition of the uranium, yes, its not shipped torussia, but its in their control….

    Keep it up. Intelligent is as intelligent does. Come back when you want an intelligent conversation. I pray for you son. I think your trying but you have the blinders on…keep on going the walls are getting closer and closer…..

    Let me put it to you this way. In your wisdom have you ever read the manchuran canidate? Or seen the movie? Obama is a fraud. I know, you libtards think hes legit, but hes not.

    Sherif Joe sent the documentation to 3 different places that specialize in police vetting documentation, they all said it was inconsistent with a legal document showing it had been lifted from several documents and shown as false.

    Did you watch the presentation or like your libertardian friends d you just discount PROOF you disagree with? Perhaps you need to look in to what you have to produce to be president and a birth certificate of live birth in the United States is required for obvious reasons.

    You people. I discount assertions made without evidence. Obama was born in Hawaii and his birth was announced at the time in 2 Honululu newspapers.

    Wake up! They are using you. The Obama is not an American is a racist pissant conspiracy theory for idiots.

    Announced it two papers, oh shut up, are they scietists or just media outlets, Joe is a professional lawman, and he did what you would do with any document you might want a professional opinion on, he sent it to the document folks, who do all the vetting of legal documents, and they found it a fraud.

    Typical answer…I am not going to watch the proof, cause I said so, I just know in my heart…you know, the Kathy Gifford supporting death demanding far left and far right…Perhaps we can make a deal, I will read your stupid book, if you will watch the VIDEO they made to prove the fact that hes an imposter.

    The entire Maricopa County police force is not the enemy of America, look at what your saying….. Their claims were presented at that press conference, and at a second press conference held on March 31, Regarding the latest allegations from a sheriff in Arizona, they are untrue, misinformed and misconstrue Hawaii law.

    I think your not reading the information properly, like why is he under investigation, is a forgery, or is it a witch hunt because he refused to change the way he inducted illegal migrants?

    Also, why did Obama lie? And another thing-they do not address the fact that 2 other vetting agencies found Obamas certificate to be fake.

    More questions than answers in your explanation son. Now quit laughing it makes you seem like horseshack. Keep typing it might help just blah blah blah.

    Your views of Obama, one of our most popular Presidents, are actually humorous. I am guessing you are doing a satirical take on a braindead rightwinger.

    Fess up! Back at ya old fart…anyway, no I am not whatever an old coot wants to lable me with, your just as set in your ways, so being an ass about it will not change a thing.

    Lets agree to disagree, I figure our lives will go on. Time will tell the truth, and at your age you should know that-the truth will come out.

    Vindication is only for those without a life in the first place and in the long run it will not matter to us as we will be dead.

    Our kids on the other hand, well, I am tired of the left making them wonder who or what they are, convincing them that if they think they are they can be a monkey….

    Nielsons the Point Brain dead? I wont miss you when you die old man, neither will anyone else. AS far as Obozo, you will eat your words soon enough.

    He is an illegal whether you want to admit it or not, as he is not honest, and they have found he used the illegal vote to get elected as well as the muslim brotherhood for a cash cow.

    Total bullshit. No one I know likes him period. ONE person arguing this point, and its an ignorant old man who thinks hes smart, read one book….

    You cannot say you read the federalist papers, life and times of any of our founding fathers, or any real history other than public education…..

    Get a clue. WikiLeaks shows that Hillary spent a week in Britain to find his provincial certificate from Kenya, and now there is no copy so they covered their tracks pretty well, except the trip to Britain and the search for particular documents which is recorded in the log.

    Perhaps you should read the federalist papers and anti federalist papers, the bibliography of our founding fathers and more. YOU started with the name calling if you read the posts.

    I for one just stated some facts and you tried to diffuse them with on line fact checking that is owned by the mainstream media….

    Your making assumptions about me you know nothing about. You claim that the news is honest, I claim they lie for their agenda…one world domination.

    You know its true, they admit its their plan at the UN agenda meeting…. Isnt it? I know him personally…. How you feel about someone doing that to you for doing your job?

    He wanted to prove Obama was good.. I wonder why? Anyway, like you said, your a smart guy, figure it out.

    Taking money from foreign actors is treason. If what you just said was true, Hillary would now be president. We changed that for the better, Hillary has killed americans, allowed the degradation of the constitution through executive order with Obama, and destroyed Libya over the golden Dinar.

    Sorry, but your little book is just a small glimpse of the truth, there are many truths out there, which would you rather be allied with.

    You need to read the damn documents again, as your getting a different set of rules and a seriously socialist attitude.

    I can tell. They are about empowering the people and protecting against what you just spouted off about, yes, a hundred years ago some eliteist assholes took over the banking system, but we still hold the election of our president, and we did vote for him, so RESPECT our vote.

    WTF are you smoking? Jefferson, too, blames England for the slave trade and had harsher statements about slavery that Franklin though would be too inflamatory in Congress to get passage of the D of I.

    The Electoral College was created by 55 men, 25 of whom were slaveowners and a few of those actually voiced their objections to the continuation of the slave trade, on moral grounds.

    What a shittee argument you put together. I did not contradict myself in saying what is stated in the Declaration of Independence.

    Jefferson was one of the first 7 Presidents who was a large slave owner. His principles are universal and noble; his conduct, hypocritical.

    And BTY, the minority can never confer consent. Those who do not get the majority of votes by the governed rule without consent.

    A basic principle of democratic philosophy is that consent cannot be given to the loser in an election. Otherwise, democracy would be the same as tyranny, rule of the minority.

    Of those who actually signed the Constitution, the majority were slave owners and the first 7 Presidents were slave owners, Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson among the largest in the south.

    All the slave owning Presidents came from the South. As for banks and corporation being an oligarchy that runs the government, note that Clinton, Bush, and Trump all have appointed Wall St.

    CEOs in key position like Secy of he Treasury. Trump has appointed 6 Goldman-Sachs alumni, billionaires, hedge fund managers, etc.

    It is indisputable that the US was run by slave owners for the first 7 Presidents, an oligarchy of slave owners and traders. After sifting through nearly 1, U.

    Researchers concluded that U. We have never been a democracy. That is the Big Lie that keeps us from revolting against the tyranny of the plutocrats.

    I am sorry to see you descend into obscenity. I am really sad to see you argue that a minority can confer consent for the majority.

    That is clearly a contradiction in terms. And here is why ruling with minority consent is illegitimate and dangerous: historically, those who lose elections but gain power Hitler, Mussolini, Bush II, Trump , lacking the tail wind of popular support, are compelled to rule by lies, threats, and violence Those with consent of the majority can rule based on popular approval and support.

    Those are our founding principles, long betrayed by the authors of the Constitution when they rejected equality and consent of the governed and by the oligarchs, first slave owners, today banks and corporations who, in effect, control the government in what can only be called corporate fascism, the merger of state power with corporate wealth with the people themselves ignored or defied as when the misrepresentative Senate, House, and Electoral College overturn the vote or will of the people.

    Of the first 7 Presidents, only 5 were slave owners. Despite my error, the point remains loud and clear: The Constitution created a system whereby slave owners and those who supported slavery ruled.

    Of the first 12 Presidents, only the Adams did not own slaves. Van Buren owned a slave who escaped. As the first governor of the Indiana Territory, he unsuccessfully lobbied Congress to legalize slavery in Indiana.

    So of the first 12, 10 owned slaves and one who opposed freeing the slaves, one supported ending slavery, but he was defeated by a large slave owner.

    When slavery was abolished, the oligarchic rule replaced slave owners with those serving the banks and corporations. Of the first 12 Presidents, 8 were from the South, and 3 of the 4 not from the South had owned slaves, with the only non-slaver owners.

    Thank you for helping me correct my errors: the point remains: the Constitution enabled the slave owning class to dominate American politics for the first 60 years and established a precedent for rule by the minority which continues to this day.

    No, we the American people elected Trump, not any Elite. We got fed up to our eyeballs with the corruption in our White House and WE were determined to get it out and do our best to keep it out!

    No more Muslim terrorist lovers and no baby killers! That is how ignorant Hilly voters were an still are. They voted for a vagina and that is another reason not to vote for a female.

    You obviously did not read the emails from Podesta how Hilly hates the people. So TRUE. They also keep chanting Russia. That is all.

    It might make the free people of the world, the ones that do worship the city of London nervous. Russia is not buying Rothschild total control.

    China owns a lot of Rothschild treasury debt notes, amen, but the people have the power always. Why are we buying into the city of London bullshit?

    Check silver. Buy it. Intervening in the election process; meeting with Trump staff and then providing hacked emails thru Wikleaks; doing exactly what Trump publicly asked them to do.

    NOw Trump has fired the man who got him elected. Shades of Nixon. Triump is always angry, reminding us o Hitler and Mussolini, who also governed without consent of the majority; both lost elections but came to power and had to use lies, threats, and violence to rule…………………..

    How many times do they have to investigate something before they can finally admit that it never happened? They have investigated this idiot lie to death and never once found any collusion between the Russians and our elections.

    Several laid about not being paid. Trump asked Russia to intervene. How much more do YOU need to realize this is just the tip of the icebert.

    When people lie, they are covering something up. When a President fires someone investigating, he does it not because there is no evidence but because he wants to stop the investigation and because he is afraid of being exposed.

    The people did NOT choose Trump; 2. If you want to live in a country where the losers of elections gain power, study Hitler, Mussolini, and Bush II, all of whom lost the popular vote, gained power, and how did that turn out?

    Always flaky and soft in the middle. I am neither flakey nor soft in the middle. As for proof of collaboration, we already have circumstantial evidence and of course the investigation just started….

    I urge you to keep an open mind. There is absolutely nothing illegal about meeting with Russian officials — if there was they could have made arrests already.

    Over 1 million of those where illegal votes. What do you have against Trump anyway? What did he do to you? They knew she would destroy America — so why would you want her to.

    Do some research. Why did he fire the man investigating the connections 5 of his team met with Russian officials, several lied about it if he has nothing to fear?

    You do so lack the intelligence you try to portray. Every day there are attempted hacks to email accounts.

    And stop STOP hating a messenger for the message. Just ask Hillary. She has a milliont of them. When you start with insults, you have lost the debate since you have forfeited the abiity to persuade.

    There is no such entity as the Democrat Party. I did not vote for Clinton but she won the public vote by nearly 3 million and the public vote was then reversed by the slave-era Electoral College,declaring the loser the winner.

    Slavery was once legal. Rule by the minority, according to our founding document, the D of i, is not legitimate or just and leads, as Jefferson wrote, to military despotism.

    Not intended as an insult at all. Merely observation. You will never see anything but your opinion as factual or important. Every comment you make is pontification.

    Simply seeing your opinion written does not make you correct on any level. And, congratulations for getting tangential to the issue.

    You lose. To your rudeness and lack of persuasive savvy, let us add hypocrisy for claiming insulting my intelligence is an observation.

    All of your posts are so unimaginative and dogmatic. You regurgitate dogma. Nothing more. Instead of replying to my point of improper voting, you sidestep and concentrate on verbiage.

    You flit over subjects pontificating on each one. Stop and think about some of these issues instead of simply enjoying seeing your name in print.

    I am Viet vet. Still working. Keeping an open mind in spite if your ilk. My posts report facts, not imagination. There is no dogma in facts.

    All studies of voting fraud have found it virtually non-existent, including the 5 yr Bush study. I report the truth not for the publicity but because I hate lies.

    I am a free and independent thinker with no loyalty to either Party. My Party is the truth, by which I mean statements backed up by evidence and facts.

    I challenge you to find one instance of dogma in my factual posts. You are merely throwing mud, the last refuge of those incapable of rational discourse.

    I find you very sad, my friend. BTW, my ilk are the well-educated and compassionate free thinkers who reject herd thinking on all sides.

    Your posts contain not one fact but consist of a string of insults…………. So was Trump but Come disclosed it about Clinton but kept the Trump investigation, much more serious verging on treason, secret until 2 months after Trump was in office.

    Now Trump looks like he is trying to derail the investigaiton into his Russian connections Montaort, Page, Carter, Flynn, et al all had contacts or got paid.

    Fact: Nixon was forced to resign not because of Watergate but because of his cover up. Trump asked Russia to intervene, 5 of his closest advisors talked with Russian officials, he dropped the platform item about arming Ukraine, and yet he claims it is a hoax.

    If Comey had not disclosed the new Clinton investigation, which was based on no evidence since he had not examined the emails, which were irrelevant copies, Clinton who was far ahead would have won.

    If he had announced that Trump was under investigaiton since July, Trump would have lost. As it was, he got 3 milllion fewer votes but the Electoral College, designed by slave owners as a firewall against majority rule the basis of legitimate rule oveturned the public vote…and now 5 wars have been escalated, Trump has threatened North Korea with nukes, millions will lose healthcare coverage, those with pre-existing conditoins will be offered plans they cannot afford, and Trump has fired the man investigating him.

    Shades of Tricky Dick. I welcome only factual and civil discussion. I you want to call names, that is for the impotent who have no rational response.

    Time to shut the fuck up and get your new facts…oh, insinuations ready. What memo? I am saying Comey revealed that the Clinton investigation had been reopened and I agree for no valid reason…..

    I have my facts straight, but you dispute facts that even you embrace. Comey re-opened the case before examining the emails from the Wiener file which turned out to be copies and based on a fake document ; at the same time, he did not reveal that the Trump team was under investigation since July So, despite the fact that his intervention was improper, it swung the election to Trump, based on the results of the ABC a top rated poling firm with virtually no bias according to poll.

    What part of that is not factual? Telling people to shut up is not only rude and unAmerican but very stupid. Corruption in Chicago politics is and has been rampant.

    Everything about Obama was corrupt and phony. If you are in need of finding corrupt transactions, why look any farther than Hillary?

    With the Trump push on corrupt voting, you may be surprised by the next election. It may actually be; 1 person, 1 VOTE! CNN is the worst.

    They either just tell half the story, which makes it entirely different than it really is, or they just plain lie at times.

    Mainstream media includes AM radio, which is dominated by far right and Fox News, the leading cable news channel. It is as absurd to claim that a network always lies as that it never lies.

    EAch story must be judged on its own merits and the reliability of source is based on the totality of its good, bad, and ugly reporting.

    Trump stood alone and above the political melee. He won on the votes and prayers of the people of America who suffered eight years of Obamabuse.

    Trump is the fear of the elite. How do you threaten a. Man who is already an elitist but has different views and is smarter than you.

    Nothing but try to ruin reputation and integrity. The world elites are scared and should be America is going to be great again.

    It must. The world currency depends. On it. Right on SuperFly. Why do these liberal idiots think the Elite have been on Trump like a dog on a bone trying to de-legitimize him or has that escaped their notice too?!

    BUT he is finding out that the opposition from Congress is like never before. How will we know WHO is against the middle class?

    Are you really that ignorant. Next time they may be more prepared! We had better be, too! Yes Brexit was the same. They thought they had rigged the election and even said a prominent Labour MP was killed because she wanted to remain.

    It was a false flag. They have been well prepared for the election of their spawn of Satan candidates ever since. Exactly, flintlock Now lets just hope the main ways of democrat vote fraud will be fixed before the next one!

    He was selected not elected.. Despite doing their best to rig it and tons of vote fraud every way imaginable, Trump was elected by the American people!

    We were determined to not have continued corruption in our White House and through much prayer and work, WE elected him. Did you see the crowds at all of his rallies?

    Every dirty trick Hillary tried just took her down more and won more to Trump, because it was the very thing we were all sick to death of.

    Her replacement she apponted to lead the National Front had to quit a week before the election because it was exposed he was a Nazi sympathizer and Holocaust denier.

    Her father, a Nazi, started the party. There was lots of cheating going on for Macron but spoiling ballots and abstaining made the situation worse.

    The French surrender easily so I doubt anyone will put up any real fight to demand another election. Austria did an an election re-do recently because of similar issues and it should be the law with this kind of tampering.

    Austria only cancelled the election and ran it again because the right won. Had the Greens won first time, any electoral abnormality would have been overlooked.

    The incumbent had served two terms and was not eligible for a third successive term. That left Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party of Austria FPO — the right, who won the first round of voting — and Alexander Van der Bellen, a member of the Austrian Greens to go head-to-head in the second round in May, which was ultimately overturned due to perceived voting irregularities, for a new vote in December.

    Lets see if he makes true of his election promises. Lower income taxes and stronger Europe borders?! That sounds good to me.

    Maybe if people really believed the election was stolen, they would. How about that possibility? This is the goal of the left in this country.

    At some point it matters nothing who is voting. It only matters who is counting the votes. Take out the Rothschilds, Soros and a few other families and you will soon see a much more functional, more peaceful World!

    Tell us again when you run out of healthcare coverage, medicare, a school system, and state jobs as everything is slashed. And as you watch all this cut to give the richest and big business massive tax breaks.

    Tell us again… if you still can. There was never a chance of Macron losing. What really sickens me is the collaboration of the French media.

    The media is the same everywhere. Even if she did win, she would never be allowed to carry out her agenda. I lost my grandfather that way. He died in France in WWI.

    I almost lost my father that way. So, in a way, I lost him, too. Well Tom, that Mark these words France is headed into revolution The streets of France will flow a river of Muslim blood.

    Stop these bullshit fake news. In France, most voters receive their ballots by post. But of course, you have hundred of ballots available in the voting hall, so if your ballot at home is damaged, it is so easy to take one in the voting hall.

    I have done that at each vote since I can vote. Also, it is obviously very easy to destroy a correct ballot received by post, just to make a suspicious photo and create a scandal : See the attached photo that I have made 1 minute ago.

    End of demonstration. What kind of idiot sets up a voting system where ballots are separate for each candidate, and then declares that any damage to a ballot nullifies it?!

    If all names were on one ballot, and a simple X beside the name were used, this kind of fraud and vote sealing could not happen!

    What morons! Sigh… therein lies the folly of allowing yourselves to be disarmed, whatever country any of you be in or of!

    It seems people never learn, or if they do, they allow it to be forgotten way too soon.

    Retrieved 2 May It only matters who is counting the votes. Shades of Nixon. That is how ignorant Hilly voters were an still are. Retrieved 13 March Vitra Istanbul Macron 39 En Marche! Archived from the original on 25 April However, while her father Jean-Marie Le Pen sparked a political earthquake 15 years ago by reaching the final round, this time there was little surprise. Marine Le Pen organised a postal vote to ask FN members to change the party's statutes in order to expel her Sizzling Hot Games Android.

    Marine Le Pen Election Wählen Sie Ihre Nachrichten​

    September französisch. Juni Von bis war sie Leiterin des juristischen Paypal Maximale Summe der Partei. In: Deutschlandfunk. In: The Telegraph So soll die Partei auch für Einwanderer offenstehen, wenn diese ein Bekenntnis zur französischen Nation und zur Assimilation ablegen. He Fa Cup Bets through more states it different regions. Archived from the original on 30 March And another thing-they do not address the fact that 2 other vetting agencies found Obamas certificate to be fake. Archived from the original on 6 September Retrieved 12 February Keep typing it might help just blah blah blah.


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